Laboratory Facilities

Forensic Document Examination Services Inc. (FDES) operates a modern forensic laboratory located in Mission, near Vancouver, B.C. Its facilities occupy over 1000 square feet of office and laboratory space. Materials are inspected on clean, illuminated examination tables where large numbers of contested and specimen documents can be arranged in juxtaposition.
Special tests, such as those involving the analysis of writing inks and the restoration of indented writing impressions, are conducted in a laboratory area where ambient conditions are carefully controlled and monitored.  This maximizes both the effectiveness and accuracy of these tests.


FDES possesses one of the largest private collections of reference material dealing with forensic document examination. Its library consists of more than 430 text books and over 5,700 scientific articles. Information on virtually any subject related to document examination is quickly located using a full-text database search engine. Reference collections of typewriter, check writer, computer printer and facsimile machine impressions are indispensable when examining documents produced by such office equipment items.