Expert Testimony

Good document examiners must describe every important factor that affects their conclusions. Most judges and jury members do not understand what makes developed handwriting unique or why it is identifiable. Nor do they appreciate how altered documents can be detected or the various ways falsified and fabricated documents can be exposed. The most important tasks a forensic document examiner faces are explaining the tests performed, the features observed and the opinions supported by the evidence.
In order to be effective, scientific testimony must be absolutely accurate and presented in a convincing manner. Expert opinions are easier to explain if they can be demonstrated. For this reason, court charts or photographic illustrations are often the most effective means of demonstrating the basis of a carefully considered opinion.
FDES experts have considerable experience testifying before courts of law, boards of inquiry, hearings and other tribunals. They have given expert testimony in the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta as well as the Yukon and Nunavut Territories.